(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Men’s designer fashion brand INHERENT has a collection that draws inspiration from the brand’s highly sought-after Spring Summer 2022 line, which earned the esteemed “Designer of the Year” award for Taylor Draper at the Hidden by Soul fashion show in Brooklyn recently.

CEO & Designer Taylor Draper joined Loving Living Local host Nova, in sharing his story of Inherent, which also supports efforts toward men’s mental wellness by giving men a space to talk about it.

Inherent created a space, but they can’t do it alone. That’s why a percentage of every purchase made through INHERENT goes directly to the Foundation. Draper really brings his passion into Inherent through his hard work in the fashion world and highlighting the importance of recognizing Men’s mental health and offering that support.

For more information on Inherent and to find out more about the foundation, head to the website, linked above.