A lot of our viewers have taken the Plexaderm 10-Minute Challenge to shrink their under-eye bag and wrinkles, and if you haven’t gotten to try it yet, Loving Living Local brought Annette Figueroa on the show on Thursday to tell us about the new $14.95 Plexaderm 10-Minute Challenge!

Figueroa spoke with Loving Living Local host Nova about the incredible product.

The nationwide challenge is for people who have been skeptical as to whether they can visibly get rid of their under-eye bags and wrinkles in 10 minutes with Plexaderm. What the company has just done is made these trial packs, they allow you to try it for only $14.95 at plexadermtrial.com with free shipping.

There are six applications and for anyone who hasn’t tried it, this is an economical way to see the new you.

For more information and advice head to the website.