(LEADVILLE, Colo.) — While the heyday of rail travel may have chugged away, The Leadville Colorado & Southern Railroad remains a charming reminder that train rides still have a ticket to our hearts. FOX21’s Krista Witiak welcomes us all aboard for a look at one of Colorado’s premier scenic train experiences.

The locomotive is taking riding the rails to new heights.

“We are one of the highest railroads in the United States; our elevation here is 10,152 feet, and we climb on the rail line to almost 11,000 feet,” said Claire Berger, the sales and marketing assistant at the Leadville Railroad.

On your journey up, the historical engine will also take you back, running as a passenger operation since 1987. “We currently operate a 1955 GP9 Train Engine, and most of the train cars are vintage from the 1950s and sixties,” Leadville Railroad’s engineer and operations manager Derek Olsen explained.

Keep in mind that the railroad keeps to seasonal schedules, with everyone having a favorite ride. So plan a trip with friends, make a date of it, or pack a lunch for your favorite animal sidekick.

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