(LAFAYETTE, Colo.) — Summer is in the air, and at Capella Ranch, a small 5-acre family farm, the Bee Huts are open! Krista Witiak takes us to Lafayette, Colorado, for an experience like never before for this week’s Outdoor Colorado.

Charlie Peterson Head Beekeeper and Owner of the local ranch knows that there is so much more to bees than honey, pollen, and beeswax.

“I started with my oldest daughter,” he said. “We moved to the ranch, and we were looking for all the fun things that we could try and the new experiences and just trying to keep new animals. And we thought, how about bees?”

So what started as just curiosity, blossomed into so much more. Charlie said, “The bee huts were an idea that came to us and was like, wow, that is a perfect match of exactly how I like to keep bees and be able to share them with people.”

Usually, only beekeepers get to experience more than the taste of honey, but now you can too in The Capella Ranch Bee Huts. The huts are said to bring different things to different people, with smells, vibrations, sounds, and energy, just to name a few.

Charlie told Krista that he brought an E-Meter into the hut and said [the bees] clearly put off a charge and that some people come away more energized and really feeling that energy.

People across the world are taking notice.

“It’s fun to see it getting a little more popular and becoming a little bit more known because the benefits are just incredible,” said the head beekeeper.

The bee huts are designed and built with a “Human side” and a “Bee side.”

Charlie shared that a heavy screen separates the two and that the entire area where the bees are is double-screened.

Capella Ranch is not just home to the bee huts but also chickens, ducks, turkeys, sheep, and goats.

“It’s just a gorgeous time to be out here on the property and just enjoy some sunshine and some of the Mother Nature experience,” Charlie expressed.

The bee active season is still in full swing, so make a reservation today at capellaranch.com and prepare to unearth all the benefits from honeybees with Capella Ranch Bee Huts!

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