(VICTOR, Colo.) — In an exciting development, Colorado is once again home to a Thomas Dambo giant wood troll sculpture. This time, we find it in Victor, just south of Cripple Creek, Colorado. The highly anticipated Victor troll, known as ‘Rita the Rock Planter,’ was officially introduced to the public earlier this month. Drawing attention from locals and visitors alike, this captivating installation has become a source of delight for many. Krista Witiak ventures to the top of Little Grouse Mountain for this week’s edition of Outdoor Colorado to see if you have to pay a troll toll.

Thomas Dambo is a world-renowned recycling artist and activist, and with the help of the Gold Camp District Impact Group (gcDIG), you can now see Rita the Rock Planter, one of his famous sculptures in southern Teller County.

gcDIG is a nonprofit charitable organization working to bring the community together and bring people from all over to find the Troll, boosting business in southern Teller County and the surrounding areas.

To join ‘The Troll is the Goal’ initiative, visit gcdig.org. You can also help Rita by donating to help with maintenance and trail upkeep.

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