The New Year is here and Dee Cortez has the latest essentials to kick off 2021! Whether you’re trying to preserve that open bottle of wine, prevent a hangover or go toxin free, we have it all in this weeks Dee-lightful Finds.

ArT Wine Preserver® Hosting a socially distant party this year? Keep wine fresh for up to 30 days with this argon wine preserver! ArT Wine Preserver wants to change this wasteful drinking habit. At the same time, it’s promoting moderation drinking in a sustainable way. This made in the USA, recyclable wine saver uses pure argon gas to displace oxygen. Argon gas is the preferred method by winemakers to prevent oxidation in wine as it’s a natural atmospheric gas that’s non-toxic and non-reactive. It makes the perfect wine preserver because it doesn’t react with your wine flavors or aromas, it simply displaces the oxygen. The bottle is recyclable after use. Available on Amazon .

Black + Berry Living -The organic cleaning brand, Black + Berry Living, is killing germs without threatening your health or the environment with raw apple cider vinegar and essential oils. Their All Purpose Cleaner comes in two difference enchanting scents as you tackle glass, kitchen grease, bathroom grime, floors, fabric odors, stains, kid and pet messes, and anything else you could possibly want to clean. Kill harmful bacteria and viruses and leave a barrier to help protect against future harmful microbes with the raw apple cider vinegar. The essential oils are antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, and disinfectant. Black + Berry’s Hand Cleanse kills the germs while leaving the positive probiotics and enzymes that promote a healthy skin microbiome. Additionally, it balances the pH of your skin. This is your go-to hand cleaner for most day to day activities. Based with certified organic, raw apple cider vinegar and topped off with rose water and carefully crafted essential oils blend to add even more cleaning power and promote overall skin health. Also available on Amazon 

H-PROOF – Many of us look forward to saying goodbye to 2020 with a few drinks! Having too much fun can lead to having one too many glasses of wine which can leave you feeling terrible and bring about a headache, upset stomach and feeling groggy. Bad news is… it only gets worse as we age. Now, you can have a drink and not wake up feeling terrible thanks to H-PROOF. It’s the ‘Anytime You Drink Vitamin.’ H-PROOF is two black cherry chews that you take after your last drink. It’s packed with 15 science-supported ingredients including vitamins, electrolytes and immune-boosters. H-PROOF boosts alcohol metabolism, restores vital nutrients and detoxifies the liver. Gluten and sugar-free. Works best when taken every time you consume alcohol. To learn more, visit: also sold on Amazon.

Periogen: You may be surprised to hear this, but Periogen is the FIRST and ONLY  product to be clinically proven around the world to reduce dental tartar buildup, the major cause of gum disease. There are many brands out there that we have all entrusted with our family dental care–Liquid mouthwashes kill germs, but they kill both good and bad germs and are largely acidic which hardens plaque into tartar. Periogen softens tartar and removes buildup by 40%, making dental cleanings much easier on both the patient and their hygienist. Starter Kit for $29.95 Also sold on Amazon.

Smarty Pits Deodorant- We use deodorant every day of our lives, we rarely think about ingredients, but maybe we should. Did you know that studies link the aluminum in antiperspirants to breast cancer (as well as Alzheimer’s Disease)? Aside from the fact that these ingredients could kill you, some people just can’t handle the skin irritation it causes. Perhaps it’s time to go all natural? Smarty Pits neutralizes those odors with baking soda! You owe it to yourself to be ALUMINUM, PARABEN, PHTHALATE, PROPYLENE GLYCOL and TALC FREE! Sold at Walmart and Amazon!