Ray Jobman, a Dr. Kells Weightloss client, shared his life-changing weight loss story on Loving Living Local, along side the programs Founder, Dr. Kristin Kells. Since making the call to Dr. Kells and joining her program, Jobman has lost 90 pounds. He explained that there were multiple reasons behind his final decision to call to Dr. Kells.

First and foremost, he says reality hit during a physical/check-up when his doctor told him he was pre-diabetic and advised the best way to avoid diabetes would be to lose some weight. Jobman says he also felt encouraged to make a change following a trip to New York with friends, where he found himself ashamed of how he looked and felt during that time. Additionally, he retired in January of 2021 and said he ultimately wants to enjoy his retirement by continuing to do things that he loves, along side his five grandkids who all live close by in Colorado Springs.

Below is a note from Ray Jobman:
I have lost close to 90 lbs and feel so much better. I still have more to go but I no longer feel ashamed of going out and being seen as this obese person. My energy is up and I now walk 5 miles a day. I look forward to another trip with my buddies and their wives this late summer when we go to Ireland. I have not been back for a follow up physical but expect the pre-diabetes diagnoses will be gone along with better cholesterol and high blood pressure readings.
This program is not easy and takes a lot of will power. I have been on every diet known to man (Aitkin, WW, grapefruit, cabbage, etc., etc) but with the coaches and supportive staff at Dr Kells (they are great ) it has made it more enjoyable and easier to stick with it. I also have a supportive family and they have been great during this journey. In the past I would loose 20 lbs but gain it back quicker than it came off. I have been on yo-yo diets for years. I look forward to being able to enjoy life by learning how to eat better and keeping the weight off. It is still going to be a journey but now feel I can handle it.


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