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Preparation is key when planning a long car trip for the holidays… especially when it comes to keeping the kiddos busy on the road. Dr. Suzanne Barchers with Lingokids shared tips and tricks to make your road trips seamless this holiday season. Below is the information that Dr. Barchers shared with Loving Living Local. For more information, click here:

“There are many activities that young children and the family can participate in such as putting on their favorite songs. Children’s music and those melodies played continually may require large amounts of patience but if your children respond positively, it will be worth it.
Incorporating technology is another great way to keep children entertained. For this, you can choose between different devices so that children can watch their favorite movies or cartoons. Cell phones, tablets, or small video devices can be incorporated into car seats making them an easy and simple solution.
If you’re a parent who doesn’t like the idea of your children watching cartoons. Another great solution is downloading an educational app like Lingokids. This way they are learning on the go.
Parents, don’t forget that comfort is a huge overlooked part of long car journeys with children during the holidays. Regardless of if your children are still using special car seats, make sure that the seatbelts, the headrests, the armrests, the headrests, etc, are all in the right positions and adjusted correctly. There is nothing worse for a child than being uncomfortable. In fact, being uncomfortable can result in very negative behavior throughout the trip.”

One fun activity is called Christmas charades. A free and easy way to entertain. What’s not to love? Mix up traditional charades by giving them a festive twist. We’re thinking of Christmas carols, decorations, and movies.This is a simple, yet fun-filled game for the whole family, and has no age limit. It gets everybody involved and you’re bound to end up giggling.
Another fun game/activity is called Find Santa’s reindeer.Print out some little reindeers or see if you can find any small reindeer toys at the store. When your kids aren’t looking, hide the reindeer around the house, making sure they’re all tucked away nice and cozy. Depending on how old your children are, you can make the hiding spaces more easy or difficult to find. Then, challenge your kids to find as many as they can. You can even add an extra festive incentive—perhaps for each one they find, they’re rewarded with a chocolate coin.

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