ZeroRez Carpet Cleaning is “original no-residue carpet cleaner”. They’re family-owned and operated and are ready to “WOW!” you!

PLUS… they have an incredible deal!
Get $33 per room of carpet cleaning for an UNLIMITED number of rooms.

And, yes, if your fur babies make an uh-oh on the carpet or rug, Zerorez has a unique and incomparable pet treatment that specifically targets the smell and stain. Not only do they make a difference in your home’s carpet, but any living surface in your home.

They truly do it all, and do it GREAT!

Zerorez water is actual science put to work. It does not include soaps or shampoos, leaving out harsh detergents and toxic chemicals. They are the ONLY No Residue Carpet Cleaner.
If it sounds “too good to be true”, see below

** ZR WATER: Lab-tested and proven to clean carpets better than other methods. **

And the water is just one of three key factors to their success.
ZeroRez Carpet Cleaning uses a patented 3-step process that is unmatched in the industry.

1. Lifter
2. Water
3. Wand

Why is the 3-step process so great?

– No Residue left behind (You know… the crunchy layer.)
– Carpets stay cleaner, longer
– Faster dry times

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