(SPONSORED) — Gleneagle Candle Company was founded with the purpose of supporting a child with epilepsy.

Nicole Mendoza, Gleneagle Candle Company owner, has a son named Owen, who lives with epilepsy, specifically a rare condition called Lennox Gastatut Syndrome. With medication and treatment, Owen still experiences around 5-20 seizures a day. More research and treatments are needed to help individuals like Owen.

Gleneagle Candle Co. is honored to help raise funds for the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado and Wyoming through the sale of a limited-edition candle. Our Epilepsy Awareness Day Candle is being sold through March 25th in-store and online, and funds collected will be donated on March 26th. For each candle sold, $10 will be donated.

For more information, visit gleneaglecandleco.com.