(SPONSORED) — This is the second year for Glen Eagle Candle CO hosting the Epilepsy Warrior Fundraiser to help raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado.

This year, owner of Gleneagle Candle CO Nicole Mendoza decided to host the fundraiser in the month of September to celebrate her very own Epilepsy Warrior’s birthday. Mendoza’s son Owen turns 18 this year and they plan on hosting the fundraiser through his birthday, which is on Sept. 28, and donating all funds raised on that day.

The goal this year is to raise $3,000 through selling the limited edition Epilepsy Warrior candle and with the help of direct donations to our fundraising page.

Candles will be sold in store and online and Gleneagle Candle CO will make the $15 donation for you. In addition to the candles, Mendoza is also making boxes available where you can scan the QR code and that will take you directly to the fundraiser page through the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado on the website.

To receive a box, you can make your donation of either $100 or $200 and you can take one of these boxes home for free. If you’re not in the store and wish to take advantage of this offer, you can visit their website and follow the directions to have the box shipped to you for free.

Joining Mendoza in store at Gleneagle Candle CO Wednesday morning was Marisa Cardenas, who is the Youth Programs Coordinator for the Epilepsy Foundation. She spoke about the foundation and what they offer including amazing resources to the community with incredible statistics about epilepsy.