When it comes to protecting yourself using Martial Arts, CFMAF Martial Arts teaches modern day, reality based techniques to ensure you leave any attack alive.

This summer, CFMAF continues their Reality Based Training Events in their Get a Grip Seminar. The series focuses on the aspects of assaults people may face in the real world from active shooter, to grabs, to defending from the ground, to baseball bat, knife, gun disarms, and more.

Take part in the event on Saturday, June 18th.


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“We believe that the best fight ever fought is the fight that is never fought. By teaching how to increase Awareness skills we can reduce the chance of you being involved in an attack, but we cannot eliminate the possibility of being attacked. People were grabbed and attacked last year, the year before that, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The best approach is to Prepared but not Paranoid. We supply everyone with an avenue to be prepared.” – CFMAF