As the month of April marks National Alcohol Awareness Month, Loving Living Local has been talking to a local addiction wellness nonprofit Face It TOGETHER. David DelSignore sat down with Keni Mac to share his story of driving under the influence and his journey from tragedy to recovery.

Learn more about Face It TOGETHER at or give them a call at 1 (855) 539-9375.

Read more of David’s story in his own words below:

” The night of Dec. 26, 2009 was just like any other night for me. I’d go out and get drunk with my friends and then make the decision to get behind the wheel of my car and drive home. This night became a horrific one when I hit four young women with my car – killing two of them and severely injuring two others. I say their names to honor them. I went to prison for what I did and I struggled for years with the shame and guilt from that incident. I got well by utilizing several forms of treatment, including inpatient, outpatient, 12-step groups and more. I thankfully found recovery and today I continue doing my best to honor my victims through my work.

We all know the possible scenario and outcome from our actions, especially when it comes to drunk driving. Believe me, it’s in your best interest to avoid those outcomes. We have ride shares, we have taxis, you probably have a number of friends and families to call to give you a ride – please use those instead of driving under the influence. Don’t forget that your actions have massive consequences. I never want anyone else to live through what I lived through or any more lives to be lost because of someone’s poor decision.

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