(COLORADO SPRINGS) — What better way to get some last-minute Valentine’s Day cooking ideas than with the awesome Chef Brother Luck! Brother Luck is a celebrity chef that not only pays tribute to his roots through his food but brings global inspiration into every palette and wows with his unique flavors and technique.

Brother Luck brought his amazing skills into the Loving Living Local studio this morning with his tantalizing flavors of his homemade dumplings which hosts Jen and Nova were simply amazed by.

Brother also announced “The Studio” which is a private entertainment venue that specializes in a food and wine experience for guests looking to do something a little different. The Studio is equipped with a live open kitchen where guests can interact with the culinary team and watch the live action of every dish. Every experience is personalized with custom menus focusing on seasonally inspired dishes. The capacity is 24 people seated and 40 person reception.

For more information on Brother Luck and all restaurant details head to his website.