The SteakAger PRO 40 – Give the gift of The SteakAger to make high-quality dry-aged steak accessible to enjoy in the comforts of home this year. Dry-aged steak is the secret of every world-class steakhouse, and an ancient process that produces a chemical reaction that breaks down beef and transforms it to richly flavored, fork-cut tender steaks. Perfect for the Dad that loves to hunt or just the perfect steak! This stand-alone style aging system by Danby is incredible, offering reliable refrigeration and innovative dry-aging technology to monitor your dry-aging process with their mobile app, where you can track length of age, temperature and humidity. The PRO 40 unit can safely age up to 40 lbs of beef, perfect for those wanting to dry-age larger quantities, stagger aging cycles or experiment with your favorite cuts of meat. With it’s compact size and sleek exterior it comes with a standard hanging rack and two meat hooks. Available on Amazon or direct at their site:

Wildwood Grilling Add some flavor to your next outdoor celebration with Wildwood Grilling’s planks, chips, wraps, spices and more! Wildwood’s products (in a variety of wood like cedar, hickory, cherry, alder etc.) pair wonderfully with anything you put on top (meat, vegetables, fish, etc.). Their new rubs like chicken spice, rib rub, hippie gold spice and American jerk taste great on a variety of protein and veggies. What sets Wildwood Grilling apart is their commitment to the environment. Their grilling planks are cut from pieces of lumber that are too short to be used in the construction industry. Made in the USA, and all products are 100% pure and clean with no pesticides, herbicides or foreign matter. Available nationwide at Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Amazon, Albertson’s, and Recipes are also available.

Good Food For Good- For the foodie dad, give him the Sauce Like A Boss bundle from Good Food For Good. Their line of organic ketchups, BBQ sauces and cooking sauces will take any meal to the next level. To add a hint of sweetness they use the superfood – dates! Products are certified organic, USDA certified, Keto, Paleo, vegan-friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, sugar-free. No preservatives, artificial flavors or additives. Good Food For Good’s ‘Buy One, Feed One’ program has donated more than half a million meals to food banks. Sold nationally at Whole Foods, several brick and mortar stores in the U.S. and Canada,

Sofa Stud- For the dad who is more of a ‘Netflix and chill’ kind of guy, he will never have to hold a cup again while relaxing on the couch. Sofa Stud is a neat and nifty couch cup holder. It has a slim paddle on the end that slides between couch cushions and the broad base holds his favorite beverage. It protects upholstery from spills, tables from watermarks and keeps your drink within reach. The Sofa Stud has a three inch opening so it can hold a 12 oz. can, bottle or cup. This is also a great way for dad to keep his cup close by when he’s holding a baby or feeding them a bottle on the couch. Sold at: and Amazon.