(SPONSORED) — Fast Fit Foods are here to help people who are too busy to cook and have too much to do around the house. And, going to a drive-through for fast food is also expensive, and over time it makes you feel bad. It may also hurt your body with empty calories which makes you lose energy and the ability to focus.

Fast Fit Foods are the leader in affordable nutrition with three locations in Colorado Springs. Loving Living Local Host Nova, visited Fast Fit Foods and met with the Chief Executive Officer, Tillman Huet, at the Fillmore location.

Any customer can order online or stop in-store to get meals with no online order necessary. All meals are made fresh for customers on their day of pick up, and they just have to heat their meals — no cooking or cleaning necessary.

Fast Fit Foods only use the best ingredients; no fillers or preservatives — all made fresh for you.

Meals will range from $9.99 to $15.99 and the business offers many ways to save, such as buying in bulk, along with military, local gym, and commitment-free subscription discounts! You can easily save over $1 per meal by taking advantage of the discounts.

For the back-to-school week, a lot of parents are rushing around trying to finish up the things on their list for school, and the last thing they have time for is to try and grocery shop and cook during their hectic weeks. Tillman is seeing a lot of parents ordering food for their families so it’s guilt-free and they can check another thing off their to-do list.

Fast Fit Foods were approached by a lot of schools for this year, and if you think there’s interest in your kid’s school, please tell your district! Fast Fit Foods are on a mission to provide affordable nutrition to all.

For more information about Fast Fit Foods, head to the website linked above.