Dogs need four things to be happy and well behaved: Proper nourishment, Exercise (physical stimulation), Enrichment (mental stimulation) and Interaction. 

SodaPup products cover all four of these needs and is continuing to grow from strength to strength. Loving Living Local host Nova, met with SodaPup Founder/Owner Adam Baker in sharing his new products with Nova’s pup Maggie.

Since SodaPup’s last appearance on the Loving Living Local show the company is now selling in 40+ countries all over the globe and launching new products every 2 weeks across 2022.

They’ve expanded the lick mat category pretty dramatically into several new product types: licking coins, licking trays, slow feeder bowls and more. SodaPup ended up having two of the new products selected as industry award winners and SodaPup (the company) won a Vanguard Award for product leadership.

Founder Adam Baker was selected to the “power 50” (among the 50 most influential people in the pet industry ).

SodaPup is a Boulder, CO company that specializes in durable American-made pet supplies for dogs. As a veteran owned business they are committed to 100% domestic manufacturing, which has been beneficial during the global supply chain crisis. We can show you several of our products that meet each of these needs.

For all the information and the wide range of SodaPup options head to the website.