(Sponsored) —  D1 Training in Colorado Springs meets you where you are at and is a part of your fitness journey, they know who you are, your injuries, and goals. General Manager Mitch Pelroy of D1 Training in Colorado Springs invited Jen & Nova to experience one of the fitness sessions.

D1 Training in Colorado Springs really wants to help you reach your goals in manageable and effective workouts.  Every month they set a coach of the month and a theme. This month is suicide prevention. They open the workouts to anyone in the public, member or not, and use this time to bring awareness to important subjects. D1 Training then use the stats and numbers to build a full-body workout!!

This is a place for everyone! If you have never lifted a day in your life, take your first steps with D1 Training in Colorado Springs! If you are a seasoned vet looking to attack a workout and anything in between. Some of D1 Training wiser members are 60 and 70+, they have helped people with pre-hab before and rehab after surgeries and also helped women who are pregnant lift all the way to their due date, recover after and so much more. It’s a group setting but individualized attention.

D1 Training has classes starting for kiddos at age 7! They help them learn how to move, brace, lift safely, speed agility, run mechanics, start-stop, and overall injury prevention!

For more information and to learn more about D1 Training in Colorado Springs head to the website