Not now, Mercury Retrograde! We’re bettering our workplace environments using astrology.

Astrologist, Katie Sloan, with Spark the Sun, sat down with Keni Mac on Loving Living Local to share the benefits of using Astrology for team building in the workplace. Sloan says, while many corporations use Myers Briggs or Disc programs for team building, they can be limiting or subjective. Astrology, however, allows for conversations about tendencies, languages, learning abilities, strengths and weaknesses. It builds intimacy within the group and allows for more empathy and understanding about how we can work/be our best. Team building sessions help open a dialogue to learn more about it each other. And if you’re noticing your workplace is suddenly out of whack, it might be the Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde 3 times a year for about 3 weeks. The current Mercury Retrograde started on May 10th and will end Friday, June 3rd and is retrograding in it’s own sign of Gemini and then into Taurus.

What happens during this time?

Mercury rules communication, thinking and written word. When Mercury is in retrograde wires get crossed, words can be perceived differently, and there can be a communication breakdown. Words and thoughts can get us into trouble, we may have to retract and rethink.

Mercury retrograde isn’t a time to dread. Its actually a great time to review and revise. To go through old business. Clear the clutter in our minds-release the overthinking or nervous chatter and start to think of ways we can build new routines, and behaviors that will help us succeed in the long term.

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