For years, DispatchHealth in Colorado Springs has been delivering same-day in-home medical care to patients of all ages. Madison Press, a DispatchHealth Medical Technician, stopped by Loving Living Local and explained how their advanced technology and people are bringing the power of hospital care to patient’s homes.

These days, medical house calls and telemedicine are growing more prevalent, but  DispatchHealth is going beyond the norm, giving their patients convenient and cost effective medical care with Tele Presentation. Press explains to Keni Mac that Tele Presentation is similar to tele health, but instead of patients being on the other end of a screen, a tech like Madison is there to use advanced equipment on the patient, allowing the doctor to be involved on the other end.

DispatchHealth treats common to complex medical issues, such as; pneumonia, flu, migraines, infections, dehydration, urinary tract infections, COVID-19, and much more. Plus, patients are covered by most insurances, including Medicare.

You can find the full list on their website at
You can also give them a call at (719) 416-5059 to learn more.