COLORADO SPRINGS — Doctors at Children’s Hospital Colorado, Colorado Springs are asking parents to continue to bring their kids in for their regular checkups despite the fear of the coronavirus.

“My message to our community is know that our health care facilities are very safe,” said Dr. Michael DiStefano, the Chief Medical Officer at Children’s Hospital Colorado, Colorado Springs.

He said parents still need to get to those appointments not only for their kids health but also to be updated on vaccinations.

“It just increases our risks that one of these preventable infectious diseases agents could come back,” Dr. DiStefano said.

Governor Jared Polis stated earlier this month that since the start of the coronavirus crisis the state has seen a 40 percent drop in youth vaccinations.

“Colorado has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country and as parents are skipping exams it is increasing the amount of kids who don’t have the proper vaccinations,” Dr. DiStefano said.

The hospital has a specific protocol for when every patient comes in. Each person has to go through a health screening where they are asked a series of questions and their temperature is taken. The hospital also stated that patients can only have up to two visitors and everyone is required to wear facemasks.

The hospital is asking patients coming in to wear their own masks but if they don’t have one they will provide one for them. Right now the hospital is handing out over 300 masks a day. They are asking for donations of facemasks from people in the community.

You can visit this website to find out how you can donate or you can call 719-305-7402.

The hospital is asking for in terms of style and pattern, they prefer the CDC’s “sewn cloth face covering” option with elastic ear loops and they encourage people to use kid-friendly prints.

Both adult- and child-sized coverings are needed; approximately 25 percent of their total inventory needs to fit younger children.

For additional resources and tips on sewing cloth face coverings, please visit the Colorado Mask Project.