UCHealth pharmacist comments on vaccine, explains side effects


COLORADO SPRINGS — A healthcare worker at UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central in Colorado Springs talks side effects and vaccine rollout.

Josh Perry works on the front line as a Pharmacist in the emergency room, and so he received his second dose of COVID-19 vaccine on Friday.

“There is definitely more side effects for the second one than there is for the first one. That’s what I heard in general from just about everyone who’s gotten it. That’s to be expected,” said Perry.

He said as your body is building an immune response it’s common to experience side effects. Perry along with other co-workers who received the vaccine in stage 1 said most experienced fever, chills, and muscle soreness.

“Mine [side effects] weren’t that bad. I spiked a little bit of a fever and had a little bit of body aches, but some people have actually called into work and said ‘I just can’t come in today’,” Perry said. “It’s good. its showing that your body is reacting to the vaccine the right way and that you are going to have good protection afterwards.”

He said you should wait about 21 days between your first and second dose and then on day 28 you have full immunity.

“You are giving your body a heads up, your body and your immune system is prepared, incase you do contract it or you are exposed to it. Your body already has the resources to just shut it down right away,” Perry said.

Though the vaccine roll out is promising, Perry told FOX21 he believes there is still another year of this.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if 2021 probably isnt going to look a whole lot different than 2020 as far as still just keeping our space, keeping our masks on, trying to make sure we really put it out so it doesn’t come back,” Perry said.

As the historical process unfolds, he encourages everyone to be patient while waiting their turn to roll up their sleeves.

“We’ve never had a vaccine roll out of the entire country let alone the world right?” said Perry. “Try to be patient when you name gets called, just do you duty and go get it. There is learning curve for all of us on this.”

Vaccine progress per CDPHE.

Perry said you should be consistent with the brands, because the proteins and doses are different if you get the Moderna vaccine for the first dose you should stick with Modern the second time, same goes if you get the Pfizer vaccine for dose one you should stick with Pfizer.

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