TELLER COUNTY, Colo. — Casinos in Cripple Creek can now open their slot machines, but gaming tables will remain closed for now.

The Colorado state health department approved a variance Monday allowing casinos to open their slot machines under the following conditions:

  • Clarify how many people can ride in an elevator to comply with six feet distancing requirements.
  • Any closing of the slot machines cannot be done in such a manner to intentionally improve the odds in favor of the house when it comes to payouts.
  • The Ramblin Express bus system that transports people to the casinos must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis and cleaned between each transport.
  • Gaming tables are not approved at this time but will be considered again in three weeks.

The following requirements apply to all open businesses in the county, including casinos:

  • In order to achieve six feet social distancing, the limit is 50% of the posted occupancy code limit, ensuring a minimum of 28 square feet per person not to exceed more than 175 people at any given time in a confined indoor space and 250 people in any outdoor setting.
  • Employees and contracted workers shall be monitored daily for symptoms, and symptomatic employees shall be excluded from the workplace and isolated until they are fever-free for 72 hours, other symptoms have improved, and at least ten days have passed since they became symptomatic.
  • Require employees to wear face coverings at all times while working.
  • Provide accommodations for vulnerable individuals who remain encouraged to follow the Stay at Home requirements.
  • Require signage on doors telling guests that are experiencing COVID-like symptoms not to enter, and recommend that the sign posted at the door is the CDC sign.
  • Read the full variance here.

Wildwood Casino will be sanitizing around the clock, checking visitor’s temperatures, making sure chairs follow 6 ft social distancing rules, among many other precautions.

They have installed buttons on their slot machines, so when a player is done at the machine, staff know which machines need to be sanitized.

The decision on keeping game tables closed will be re-evaluated in a few weeks.

Wildwood Casino plans to re-open on Monday, June 15 at 10:00 a.m.

Check their website for updates here. Click here for more casinos in Cripple Creek, Colorado.

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