COLORADO SPRINGS — Harley’s Hope Foundation is a non-profit that helps pets and their families during difficult times.

“Now more than ever people need their pets,” Co-Founder Cynthia Bullock said.

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Harley’s Hope is expanding its services and offering temporary programs.

They are delivering free pet food to those directly impacted and bringing it to their door.

“In order to meet a large demand, we have to have restrictions, we will deliver food for people who are high risk, quarantined or people who don’t have transportation to get to the store or pet pantry and can’t’ take the bus or use resources they could a few weeks ago,” Bullock said.

Within the past couple of days, Harley’s Hope received over 2,000 pounds of pet food from Colorado Pet Pantry.

At-risk pet parents who live in El Paso, Teller, and Pueblo counties are eligible for assistance.

Once approved, deliveries will be dropped off in front of houses, allowing zero direct-contact during deliveries.

Volunteers at Harley’s Hope will be following CDC guidelines while making deliveries. Prescription dog food will not be available.

“People are worried about their ability to care for their families and pets,” Bullock said.

In addition, Harley’s Hope is helping families who lost their jobs and need to care for their pet’s chronic condition.

“We’ve set a temporary program, our medication voucher program, so if someone lost their income and they have an animal that they’ve treated for a chronic illness, they can apply for a voucher, up to $150 towards the cost of medications,” Bullock said.

If folks are currently quarantined, hospitalized, or can’t physically care for their pets, Harley’s Hope is extending emergency foster care to those families who can’t physically take care of their furry friends.

“More than ever, people need their pets,” Bullock said. “We want to see pets remain in their homes more than ever.”

For more on these additional services, visit their website.

Harley’s Hope can also be reached at or by 719-495-6083.

If you are not eligible for programs offered through Harley’s Hope you can check out the Colorado Pet Pantry.