COLORADO SPRINGS — Medical students from the University of Colorado School of Medicine took three hours out of their busy schedules to chalk the sidewalks to help put a smile on medical staffs’ and patients’ faces.

It happened right in front of Children’s Hospital Colorado, Colorado Springs. At first, hospital staff thought it was a group of parents until it was later discovered that it was a group of med students.

The students decorated the sidewalks leading to the front of the hospital and the employee entrance. All while continuing to practice safe social distancing.

They decorated both locations on Briargate Parkway – the hospital and the outpatient clinic across the street.

Not only were patients and staff greeted by the art, but team members and patients also enjoyed watching the progress from the windows inside the hospital.

Megan Kunkel is a third-year medical student with UC School of Medicine who was out there this morning with five of her peers. FOX21 spoke with Kunkel, and she says they really just wanted to thank the staff and bring a smile to their day. 

These students have been out of clinical’s since the middle of March and have only had limited interactions with each other. Kunkel said, “with appropriate social distancing, it was nice to do this together and see them again to catch up a little bit on how everyone is doing.”

All third-year medical students are projected to return to rotations in Colorado Springs in late May, something they are all looking forward to, according to Kunkel.

FOX21 reached out to the Children’s Hospital, who were so thankful for their efforts bringing some cheer and encouragement to those at the hospital.

“Every little encouragement and act of kindness we receive from the community goes so far to lift the spirits and inspire our team. As they were out there drawing, our team members were watching from windows and encouraging each other to take a break to look at the messages and designs outside. While a seemingly small gesture, it was a bright spot in our day and went far to remind our team that our community – and in this case the next generation of medical professionals – are here to support us and will also be here to bring a smile to our patients. We’re truly grateful for them and everyone who has shown their support of our team and all those on the front lines during this time.”

Children’s Hospital Colorado, Colorado Springs

There were lots of encouraging words, superhero emblems, plus colorful depictions of rainbows and animals all decorated on these sidewalks by the medical students who volunteered their time. Just goes to show a little support and thanks can go a long way even during these uncertain times.