Manitou Springs mandates face coverings in city limits


Violators may face a fine of $25 for their first offense, $50 for their second, and could be arrested for trespassing

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MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. — The City of Manitou Springs has decided to mandate masks in city limits to enhance the quality of life for the community, and with an objective to promote the public health of residents, visitors, and staff.

The City of Manitou Springs has signed an Emergency Order Concerning the Use of Face Coverings.

In an online survey conducted by the Manitou Springs Creative District via Polco, more than
80 percent of the respondents expressed concern over the lack of mask usage in our community. Our
goal is for people to enjoy our amazing city, safely, and with health precautions taken.

The order, which is effective immediately, mandates the use of a face covering while outdoors
when 6’ of distance between individuals (who do not share a household) is not able to be
maintained. This order also mandates the use of a face-covering in all businesses, given certain
exceptions, outlined in Section 5 of the order.

As a city, we understand not everyone can wear a mask with ease, thus exceptions to the order
include person(s) under the age of 10, person(s) who cannot medically tolerate a face covering,
and person(s) who are exercising alone or with individuals from their household.

Violations of the Order will be handled by Code Enforcement. Disturbances resulting from
disputes over the Emergency Order will be handled by the Manitou Springs Police Department.
Individuals contacted for the disturbance may face a fine of $25 for their first offense a fine of
$50 for their second, and is subject to an arrest for trespass for failure to leave the business.
Business owners have the right and responsibility of requesting anyone in violation of the order
to leave their establishment.

Additionally, we have created an online form and a dedicated phone line, available for people to
submit complaints regarding businesses not following the order at the following link here.

What is the difference between the City of Manitou Springs’ Order and the State’s
current Order?

Although there is a great deal of overlap between the two orders, a key difference
between the two is that face coverings are mandatory when 6’ of social distancing is
impractical. Please note that this does not apply to those who share a household.
Additionally, the use of face coverings is required within our local restaurants
everywhere but at the table.

Will law enforcement be citing people for not wearing a mask?

The Manitou Springs Police Department will respond to disturbances resulting from
disputes over the Emergency Order, and Code Enforcement will be address reports of
businesses who are not abiding by the Emergency Order.
The City’s first step will be spreading education and awareness about the Order to
encourage voluntary compliance and mutual understandings.

What exceptions are there to this Order?

Key exceptions to this Order are as follows, a full list can be found under Section 5:
 Persons under the age of 10
 Persons who cannot medically tolerate a face covering,
 Persons who are seated at a table in a food establishment
 Persons who are exercising alone or with other individuals from the same
 Individuals who are hearing impaired or individuals who are communicating with
a person who is hearing impaired, where the ability to see the mouth is essential
to communication

What is considered a face covering?

A face covering is a uniform piece of material that securely covers a person’s nose and
mouth and remains affixed in place without the use of one’s hands.

Do I need a face covering in my car or inside my house?
No, this order only mandates face coverings outdoors when social distancing isn’t
practical, and in all public indoor spaces. A public indoor space is an enclosed area that
is publicly or privately owned that is accessible to the public, a place of employment, or
an entity providing services.

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