Gov. Polis provides Wednesday, April 15 update on Colorado coronavirus response


DENVER — Gov. Jared Polis held a press conference Wednesday to update residents on Colorado’s coronavirus response.

The Governor discussed the data he announced previously this week. He said the data only dates back ten days but shows how everything with the coronavirus could impact Colorado.

“We’re in this for the long haul. The virus isn’t going to disappear or go away anytime soon,” Gov. Polis said.

The Governor said there are three different phases to this virus. He stated right now we are in the urgent phase of it, which means we need to work to slow the spread. He said he believed soon, as long as we follow the stay-at-home order, the state can get to the stabilization phase. He stated once we get to the stabilization phase he thinks we will be there for a while.

Eventually he said he hoped we make it to the recovery phase, where life is back to normal but he said that will require either herd immunity or a vaccine.

“I wish relaxing restrictions was like a light switch. You can turn just off and on. But you can’t. It’s more like a light dimmer,” Gov. Polis said.

He said the goal is to get back to a place where life is sustainable physiologically, socially and economically while still maintaining aspects of the stay-at-home order.

The new data he discussed will give a weekly report on coronavirus outbreaks in nursing homes, long-care facilities, correctional facilities and other faiclities around the state. He stated an outbreak is considered when there are two or more cases in that facility in a 14 day period.

He stated releasing this data along with additional data will help give the public a good insight to how the coronavirus is being handled and treated with help from local hospitals.

“It give us a sense of whose being discharged. Especially over time we can see the effective treatments. We will see when they are admitted to when they are discharged or of course if they don’t make it,” Gov. Polis said.

They just started collecting the data around April 5th, so just ten days ago. He said right now it shows that the state is at a plateau.

Right now, he said he’s been in conversation with governors from surrounding states like Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas and Utah.

“I discussed the opportunity to share ventilators because of different peak times in different states. I had that conversation with a couple of governors who were excited to work with us. It helps us all,” Gov. Polis said.


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