Colorado investigating three potential cases of coronavirus-linked syndrome in children


DENVER — Colorado health officials are investigating three potential cases of a coronavirus-linked inflammatory syndrome in children, Gov. Jared Polis said Wednesday.

Health officials said one of the potential cases was identified through a review of previous cases, while the other two are more recent. They have sent the data to the CDC for confirmation.

Colorado doctors are being taught to be on the lookout for the illness, known as multi-system inflammatory syndrome. It has been seen in kids across Europe and at least 18 U.S. states. Doctors have confirmed it is related to the coronavirus.

“Most MISC cases are presented four weeks after the virus,” Dr. Samuel Dominguez, with Children’s Hospital Colorado said.

Dr. Dominguez said MISC has very similar symptoms to Kawasaki’s disease. The doctor stated that one of the main differences is the age groups in kids that are affected.

Health Officials along with the governor both stated that they want parents to not be afraid to take their children to their regular healthcare physician or hospital if their children aren’t feeling well.

“We know parents and guardians are worried about this condition in young people because COVID-19 is mild by definition in kids. Kids that are infected with this syndrome could have to go to the hospital but most recover well,” Rachel Herlihy, the Colorado State Epidemiologist said.

Watch Gov. Polis’ full press conference:

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