Gov. Polis Tuesday, April 20 update on Colorado COVID response


DENVER — At a state COVID response press conference, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said the data and science are clear that the vaccine is working. However, the state is concerned that hospitalizations are up with no signs of stabilizing yet.

“I’m glad to report that in Colorado, we’re seeing a 93 to 95 percent reduction in positive cases of covid among vaccinated people compared to non-vaccinated people,” said Gov. Polis. “So the vaccine are functioning exactly as advertised. It’s not a surprise, but it’s really good to see.”

The hospitalization rates are at a high since late January, the new case rates at an all-time high since early January.

“We did see a single-day increase of 43 hospitalizations today from yesterday,” said Dr. Rachel Herlihy of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. “So continuing to see that upward trend here. Really not seeing clear signs of stabilization of our hospitalization numbers right now.”

Dr. Herlihy also went through Colorado’s breakthrough cases — or infection rates among the already vaccinated.

“The total number of vaccine breakthrough cases we’ve experienced since late January is 819 of those cases. At the same time, 106,965 cases occurred among all people. So you can see that a very small percentage of the cases in the state are occurring among fully vaccinated individuals,” Herlihy said.

Governor Polis is optimistic about the state’s vaccination numbers, Dr. Herlihy’s number confirming the effectiveness of the vaccines. He wants to continue the upward trend of vaccinations of Coloradans.

At this point one-third of people have been fully vaccinated, one-half halfway vaccinated.

Polis is hoping to vaccinate more young people now that the state has enough supply to vaccinate all adults.

“It’s your turn. We have enough for you. You’re not just protecting yourself, but you are also protecting everybody you are coming in contact with. The sooner we can do that, the sooner we can put this pandemic behind us,” Gov. Polis said.

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