Experts advise to stay calm amid coronavirus outbreak


COLORADO SPRINGS — On Friday, people shopping inside Costco off Powers Blvd and Barnes Rd., were met with signs that read, ‘We are currently out of paper towels and toilet paper. We apologize for the inconvenience.’

“There were families with 20-30 packs coming out,” said one shopper.

Many people FOX21 News spoke to said folks stated they were buying to prepare for the coronavirus.

“Patience was running short,” shopper, Dwayne Robinson said.

A FOX21 viewer said management told shoppers they ran out of toilet paper within the first seven minutes of opening the store.

“With anything with a lot of uncertainty that feels new and threatening, it’s normal for your anxiety to peak. But we have to make sure it doesn’t become too overwhelming,” Dr. Lacey Edwards, Psy.D. with AspenPointe said.

Edwards said there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to buying in bulk like Friday’s Costco crowd. She says it’s not only important to take care of your physical health but your mental health as well.

“There are a bunch of unknowns, but there are things we do know like the importance of hand-washing and getting good sleep,” Edwards said. “Check with mental health providers, but do what you need to do to take care of your mental health.”

Her advice is to try deep breathing and doing activities that help you soothe and redirect your mind.

“Certain things we do have control over and we want to lean on that,” Edwards said.

When it comes to social media; Edwards said to be wary of where you’re getting information and rely on medical officials to get your information.

“Look to people like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who are the experts in the medical field who can recommend how to take care of yourself. But you also need to stay away from people putting out inflammatory messages,” Edwards said.

Balancing information can be tough, but she advises to not build on the sense of fear.

“If you feed more fear into your mind and those around you that will make it worse and lower your health,” Edwards said.

Costco couldn’t be reached for comment.

To learn more about Dr. Edwards click here.

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