COLORADO – According to updated data released on Wednesday by the state, the current coronavirus case summary reads as follows:

3,038,521 people have been immunized by one dose (+11,386 from Tuesday)
2,598,515 people have been fully immunized (+12,322)

Cases: 543,581 **
Hospitalizations: 30,204
People tested: 3,061,371
Deaths among cases: 6,579
Deaths due to COVID-19: 6,741
Outbreaks: 5,408

** = Due to a processing delay, today’s regular 4 p.m. data dashboard update will add 561 backlogged and newly reported positive COVID-19 cases to the state’s totals. These cases reflect the results of 28,259 unprocessed labs between July 2020 and November 2020.

As of Wednesday, El Paso County has reported 70,650 cases (+125 from Tuesday) and 839 deaths among cases (unchanged). Pueblo County has reported 19,118 cases (+17) and 400 deaths among cases (unchanged). Teller County has reported 1,831 cases (+1) and 16 deaths among cases (+1).