Coronavirus in Colorado: Wednesday, July 22 evening update


DENVER — According to updated data released Wednesday by the state, the current coronavirus case summary reads as follows:

41,698 cases* (+639 from Tuesday)
6,133 hospitalized (+23)
63 counties (unchanged)
462,275 people tested** (+7,985)
1,771 deaths (+8) among cases, 1,643 deaths (unchanged) due to COVID-19
446 outbreaks (+11)

*The number of cases includes people who have had a test that indicated they were positive for COVID-19. The number of cases also includes epidemiologically-linked cases — or cases where public health epidemiologists have determined that infection is highly likely because a person exhibited symptoms and had close contact with someone who tested positive. The number of epidemiologically-linked cases represents a very small portion of the reported cases.

**The total number of people tested may not include all negative results.

El Paso County has reported 3,786 positive cases (+100) and 122 deaths (unchanged).

Pueblo County has reported 535 positive cases (+11) and 33 deaths (unchanged).

“Last call” moved to 10 p.m. for Colorado bars and restaurants

Gov. Jared Polis announced Tuesday that “last call” for alcohol at Colorado bars and restaurants move from 2 a.m. to 10 p.m. as part of the effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The rule is in effect for at least 30 days. It applies to all establishments with a liquor license, including bars, restaurants, and breweries. Polis said these establishments can stay open past 10 p.m., but they cannot serve alcohol past 10 p.m.

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