Coronavirus in Colorado: Wednesday, April 1 evening update


DENVER — According to updated data released Wednesday by the state, the current coronavirus case summary reads as follows:

Colorado Case Summary (Updated 4/1/20 at 4:00 p.m.)
Note: This summary only includes data through 3/31 and does not reflect cases since then.  

3,342 cases* (+376)
620 hospitalized (+111)
50 counties
18,645 people tested (+1,796)
80 deaths (+11)
17 outbreaks at residential and non-hospital health care facilities (+1)

*The number of cases includes people who have had a test that indicated they were positive for COVID-19. The number of cases also includes epidemiologically-linked cases — or cases where public health epidemiologists have determined that infection is highly likely because a person exhibited symptoms and had close contact with someone who tested positive. The number of epidemiologically-linked cases represents a very small portion of the reported cases.

El Paso County has reported 14 deaths, Pueblo County has two and Teller County has one.

“This is one of the greatest challenges we’ve ever faced. The more we stay home, the sooner we’ll be able to squash this threat, start earning money, and support our families,” said Governor Jared Polis. “At this point of this crisis, masks and gloves equals lives. Ventilators equals lives. We will continue to work with new suppliers in the private sector until Colorado’s needs are met. My administration is moving heaven and earth to acquire the needed materials to support the expected medical surge, and ensure that we can do adequate testing so that we can better isolate and contain future cases.”

The Governor provided an update on the State’s severe need for personal protective equipment (PPE) and what the State is doing to get that necessary equipment it needs to ensure the supply needs for Coloradans are met.  The Governor also discussed the surge of patients Colorado hospitals should expect to see in the coming months and how hospitals are preparing to respond, including a tiered system for how patients will be classified. View the full presentation here

Scott Bookman, incident commander for the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment outlined the key operating assumptions for the state and wildly important goals for the state to: 

  • Support healthcare systems with coordinated access to private sector resources to acquire PPE, ventilators, and other equipment. 
  • Coordinate the recruitment and utilization of volunteer medical professionals to provide surge capacity within the healthcare system. 
  • Provide information on the status of the healthcare system
    Create systems that overlay the normal healthcare system to provide coordination and response when the healthcare system becomes overwhelmed.

“I believe that this plan — along with the drastic physical distancing measures that we are all taking — will allow us to deal with the surge of patients without overwhelming our public health capacity here in Colorado,” Bookman said. 

The Governor thanked the National Guard, the Army Corps of Engineers, health care workers, state workers and everyone working hard to respond to this pandemic and continued to urge Coloradans to stay home.  The Governor encouraged Coloradans with medical training to help bolster medical staff by signing up to volunteer at and thanked the 2,500 medical volunteers who have stepped up. 

Gov. Polis also announced that he would extend the suspension of normal in-person learning at all public and private elementary and secondary schools until April 30.  Read the full Executive Order here

The Governor signed an Executive Order expanding the use of telehealth services. This will increase the capacity of the state’s health care system, help preserve critical personal protective equipment needed for medical professionals on the front lines, and allow Coloradans to meet with a doctor remotely. Telecommunications providers have made a commitment to ensure that telehealth services can be effectively delivered in Colorado communities. Read the full Executive Order here

The Governor also provided guidance to all State agencies and departments, as well as the public, on methods of service of process. View the guidance here

The state’s special enrollment period for the state’s health care exchange is ending on Friday. Visit and enroll today.

Upon reports of an alarming increase in people who own a second home in the mountains traveling there, the Governor passed along an important announcement on behalf of Gunnison County, and other mountain resort communities who might echo it: please stay in your primary residence and do not put extra pressure on Colorado’s mountain health care systems.

Public health officials from the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment announced seven additional positive COVID-19 cases for Pueblo County. The cases are a 57-year-old male, 68-year-old female, 53-year-old female, 76-year-old female, 63-year-old female, 67-year-old female and a 34-year-old female. Pueblo County now has a total of 28 confirmed positive cases among Pueblo County residents. There have been 322 tests administered (including 90 at the Colorado State Fairgrounds on March 19) in Pueblo County. There have been 242 negative results with 53 tests results still pending, and one test unable to be read and determined unsatisfactory. 

·        Effective immediately, Parkview Medical Center is not allowing visitors into the hospital, with the exception of the following: End of Life: Only 2 visitors; Labor and Delivery: only one visitor or birthing partner; Emergency room: only one visitor with a child only; Special Needs Patient: one parent or adult caretaker in the room.  All visitors in the exception will be required to wear a mask; the visitor must stay in the room for the duration of the stay; Hand washing before entering and leaving the room is mandatory and the visitors must leave the facility when done. 

·        The Pueblo Community Soup Kitchen, 422 W. 7th St., is in need of the following supplies: sandwich baggies and napkins. Donations can be dropped off at the back door of the Soup Kitchen between 9 and 10:30 a.m.  

·        To report a non-critical business or organization still in operation call 719-583-4444. The agency in charge of enforcing this is the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment. When a complaint is received by the COVID-19 Hotline 719-583-4444 Environmental Health Specialist from the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment will visit the location. When the location is in violation of the Governor’s Stay At Home order and being in operation as a non-critical business, a Notice of Violation will be written. When a second visit occurs at the same location, and the non-critical business is again in violation, local law enforcement attends and write a ticket. Public Health and Law Enforcement is urging voluntary compliance for the safety of the Pueblo Community. 

·        Mental Health Resources are available in Pueblo, contact your mental health care provider. Services are also available through Health Solutions at 719-545-2746   

Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment encourages residents and media to seek out credible, reliable sources of information on COVID-19:   


·                  Call CO HELP at 1-877-462-2911 or email  

·                  Pueblo’s COVID-19 Hotline 719-583-4444  

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