Coronavirus in Colorado: Tuesday, July 7 evening update


DENVER — According to updated data released Tuesday by the state, the current coronavirus case summary reads as follows:

34,664 cases* (+407 from Monday)
5,741 hospitalized (+150)
61 counties (unchanged)
362,145 people tested** (+4,394)
1,696 deaths (+5) among cases, 1,542 deaths (unchanged) due to COVID-19
371 outbreaks (+4)

*The number of cases includes people who have had a test that indicated they were positive for COVID-19. The number of cases also includes epidemiologically-linked cases — or cases where public health epidemiologists have determined that infection is highly likely because a person exhibited symptoms and had close contact with someone who tested positive. The number of epidemiologically-linked cases represents a very small portion of the reported cases.

**The total number of people tested may not include all negative results. 

El Paso County has reported 2,685 positive cases (+40) and 109 deaths (unchanged).

Pueblo County has reported 411 positive cases (+3) and 30 deaths (unchanged).

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