Coronavirus in Colorado: Friday, April 24 evening update


DENVER — According to updated data released Thursday by the state, the current coronavirus case summary reads as follows:

12,256 positive cases* (+994 from Thursday)
2,366 hospitalized (+129)
56 counties (unchanged)
56,789 people tested** (+4,465)
674 deaths (+122)
134 outbreaks (+4)

*The number of cases includes people who have had a test that indicated they were positive for COVID-19. The number of cases also includes epidemiologically-linked cases — or cases where public health epidemiologists have determined that infection is highly likely because a person exhibited symptoms and had close contact with someone who tested positive. The number of epidemiologically-linked cases represents a very small portion of the reported cases.

**The total number of people tested may not include all negative results. 

El Paso County is reporting 72 deaths which is a 8.44% death rate, Pueblo County is reporting 9 deaths which is 7.76% death rate, and Teller County is reporting two deaths which is 7.69% death rate.

Mayor Gradisar Discusses Safer-at-Home, Local COVID-19 Testing on Weekly Address

Mayor Nick Gradisar discussed several local topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic during his weekly address on Friday. Gradisar talked about Safer-at-Home guidelines, re-opening business, the local testing site at the Colorado State Fairgrounds. To see the Mayor’s address, go to

Pueblo Water Offers Guidelines for Refreshing, Maintaining Water Quality in Buildings Closed During Stay-at-Home Order

Pueblo Water is offering guidelines for homes, businesses and buildings that have been shuttered during the Stay-at-Home order. Pueblo Water recommends flushing pipes to maintain or restore water quality. For more information on how to flush pipes for homes and businesses go to

Supporting Pueblo Community Marketplace Open

A marketplace featuring local products and businesses launched a new website to help support local businesses. The website provides a list of local restaurants and businesses that offer curbside pick-up and online shopping and delivery. It also allows for the public to shop local favorites from a single online site and have the items available for pick up or delivery.

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