COLORADO SPRINGS — Families across southern Colorado continue to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic and as more people stay home, plumbing emergencies are bound to happen.

“If anything this pandemic has solidified our plumber’s place in this world,” Alphalete Plumbing & Heat Owner Deigo Lujan said.

The company was going into its fifth year when the pandemic hit and sales went down, at first.

“Our call volume was down 80 percent through our service division and that’s what makes our payroll,” Lujan said.

Lujan decided to come up with a way to fix the problem and started offering virtual plumbing service calls since April.

“It’s just something to help the customer and give them a peace of mind, while saving time and saving money,” Lujan said.

Customers can book an appointment online for $35.

Once you book a time and date, one of their plumbers will call you and help you fix the problem, unless the service requires a license technician.

Michael Hendrickson was one Lujan’s first virtual customers and he said the process was a breeze.

“I showed them my water heater and they told me where to go and I fixed the problem,” Hendrickson said. “He didn’t belittle me, the way it was explained was simple, and who knows? Maybe I can become a plumber.”

While this virtual service was prompted by the pandemic, Lujan says he will be implementing it in the future.

“People are out of work, no one wants to call a plumber and so when they do they get a discounted rate and our virtual services,” Lujan said.

To book an appointment you can go to their website.