Colorado seeing the highest COVID-19 hospitalizations this year


COLORADO — Governor Jared Polis held a press conference on Tuesday, Nov. 2, about the COVID-19 update. He said it has never been more dangerous for those unvaccinated than right now.

According to the state, Colorado has the highest number of hospitalizations this year. The Governor said 1 in 51 Coloradans are infected with COVID-19, and 80% of the state is vaccinated.

“The pandemic can be over for you when you choose to be vaccinated, and more Coloradans are making that choice every day,” Gov. Polis said. “If we were at 95-97% vaccinated we wouldn’t be having this press conference, we wouldn’t be talking about our hospitals, and we would no longer be in a pandemic.”

In Pueblo, they’re seeing a significant increase in cases among adults.

“We know that the vaccination rates there are lower than they are overall in the state, and that does concern me, there could be an increased risk of increased hospitalizations in Pueblo County, we know they are seeing that already,” State Epidemiologist Dr. Rachel Herlihy explained.

Pueblo Hospitals are at 90% capacity with Parkview Medical Center and Saint Mary Corwin currently on divert mode. Dr. Herlihy adds it’s more true now than any time during the pandemic that people are having multiple exposures.

“One statistic would be that for unvaccinated individuals the risk for hospitalizations is now somewhere between 8-20 times that it is for the vaccinated individuals,” Dr. Herlihy added.

Gov. Polis said the Delta variant is brutally seeking out the unvaccinated.

“During this COVID period of the Delta variant July, August, September, October we haven’t lost anybody who is under the age of 40 who has been fully vaccinated,” Gov. Polis said. “For those that are 40-60 is also be shown to be 95% effective in preventing deaths.”

Gov. Polis is also encouraging parents with 5-11-year-olds to start making plans to get children vaccinated in the next few days when the CDC approves it.

“We continue to see the pandemic of the unvaccinated in our hospitals. The most important thing people can do to prevent hospitalizations is getting the vaccine,” said Scott Bookman, Incident Commander. “But we are also learning that monoclonal antibodies play an important role in preventing COVID-19 hospitalizations. Colorado is working hard to increase access to monoclonal treatment across the state, with 161 providers already enrolled to provide this treatment.”

The State of Colorado is offering free, readily available testing sites across the state. To find a testing site near you, visit

The state of Colorado is planning several clinics to vaccinate children ages 5 to 11 once the COVID-19 vaccine is fully approved by the CDC. Once federally approved, entire families can plan to accompany their children at these clinics to receive their COVID-19 booster, first or second dose or their flu shot.

Additional details about these clinics will be made available once the CDC signs off on the vaccine for children. 

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