COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado College is switching all to remote learning for the rest of 2020, the college announced Tuesday.

“Despite our rigorous testing and response protocols, which do identify exposure and instances of the virus quickly, it is clear that our earlier plans to bring the rest of our student body to campus for Block 2 are no longer feasible,” the college said on its website. “Classes and activities will be delivered remotely for the rest of 2020.”

The college has quarantined three dorms due to positive coronavirus cases. The college said students who are not in quarantine should plan to leave campus by the end of Block 1, which ends September 16.

“Quarantine is best accomplished in college housing in order to limit the potential risk of exposure to students’ families, communities, and other states,” the college said on its website. “The Colorado Department of Public Health determined that only students in quarantine who live within a few hours away from campus may leave by car, driven by another person/family member and not stopping during their trip.”

More information about the change is available on the Colorado College website.