CARES Act funding allocations show disparity between public and private schools


EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — More than 13,000 businesses and nonprofits throughout Colorado received more than $150,000 in Paycheck Protection Program loans (PPP) from the federal government.

This program comes after the global pandemic of COVID-19, as the federal government hoped employers would retain employees.

1,114 businesses in Colorado Springs received funding and 182 businesses in Pueblo.

However despite the funds, thousands said they would not keep employees.

The Colorado Department of Education released how much each school district received from a Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) through the CARES Act.

CALHAN RJ-1 312,088.35 
HARRISON 28,312,348.01 
WIDEFIELD 34,773,916.40 
FOUNTAIN 8 4,439,961.18 
COLORADO SPRINGS 1115,543,743.18 
CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN 122,090,333.33 
MANITOU SPRINGS 14704,733.33 
ACADEMY 20 10,141,025.36 
ELLICOTT 22762,194.21 
PEYTON 23 JT 344,372.71 
HANOVER 28292,998.80 
LEWIS-PALMER 382,576,488.68 
DISTRICT 4912,245,771.19 
EDISON 54 JT249,354.01 
MIAMI/YODER 60 JT286,348.90 
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We are still working on plans on how to use these funds based on the usage guidelines. Most of the spending guidelines are contingent on schools not opening normal in the fall, so we may not actually spend all of those funds. 

Widefield District 3

The above data is from public school districts so received money from the CRF fund; however, in the database for all other businesses, charter schools received more funding from the PPP per school than their public counterparts.

FOX21 reached out to Fountain Valley School to discuss how they used the funding, this was their statement:

Fountain Valley School has used 100% of the funds received from the Paycheck Protection Program to do just that. As a result, we have been able to maintain full employment of more than 100 faculty and staff who live in Colorado Springs and who contribute directly to the local, state, and national economy.
Fountain Valley School’s enrollment is approximately 240. 

James T. Mill
Director of Marketing and Communications
Fountain Valley School of Colorado

FOX21 has reached out to other school districts and are waiting to hear back.

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