Care and Share Food Bank warehouse cleaning up water damage


COLORADO SPRINGS — Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado is now cleaning up water damage from a roof leak.

Water came pouring through the ceiling at multiple points during a rainstorm on Friday. Boxes of food, forklifts, and their freezer got the brunt of the water damage.

“Being in here in this facility on Friday night, was unlike anything I have ever experienced,” said Care and Share Chief Operating Officer Shannon Brice. “Water accumulating on the forklift was devastating to see just the value of the forklifts and how critical, they are to our mission.”

Crews have cleaned up but the damage lingers, the standing water even rusted the forklifts.

Care and Share food banks mobile market programs, usually help 2,700 families a month, however, food safety regulations require them to throw away all the food that was touched by water.

“It’s not safe to consume. We will be going through that and unfortunately having heartbreaking effort. We like to rescue food, we don’t like to throw food away, but we are not willing to risk it for our neighbors,” Brice said. “The food that was lost, can’t easily go be required, because of the supply chain, has been so significantly impacted because of the COVID. If we were to go buy that food we won’t see it until at least January.”

The Coronavirus is adding an extra hurdle in replenishing their supply.

Right now, they are not sure how many pounds of food were lost or the total cost of the damage, but they have insurance and working to assess the damage.

Now an organization that usually helps others is needing some help itself.

If you’d like to help they are asking for monetary donations, food donations and volunteers.

>>Tap here to help.

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