COLORADO SPRINGS — Peak Education is changing young people’s lives and is increasing college access and opportunity for low-income students.

“I don’t know where I’d be without Peak Education to be honest,” Kiara Tibbs said.

Tibbs has been a part of Peak Education for 10 years and is weeks away from graduating from Colorado State University with a double major in Political Science and Ethnic Studies.

“This work is so critical because these students are our kids of our community so there is nothing greater than helping them build that success, have that ability to go to college navigate those challenges, and be able to come back into our community and be contributing members,” Heather Kelly said.

Peak Education believes every student should be provided with resources to help attend college and succeed.

“Only about 40% of low-income youth complete a college degree of any kind whether that be a certificate at a 2-year or 4-year program and we know that it is really important to do that because 75% of middle-income jobs have some kind of degree to support them,” CEO of Peak Education Carlos Jimenez said.

Peak Education serves 350 students, 70 of whom are currently enrolled in college.

“It’s a big help to these students–tremendous help,” Tibbs added.

Besides monetary help, the non-profit provides mentors for students.

“It’s so much fun,” Kelly said. “I think we think about the value that it brings but it’s a good time and it’s a great opportunity to work with young people in our community and really help them on their path.”

“Heather has helped me go into the world with more confidence and just have that keep my head on my shoulders, always be thankful for the people who have helped me get where I’m at today and given me a lot of humility,” Tibbs explained.

Peak Education teaches students how to use their skillsets to take on new challenges.

“I am ready to graduate and start my next step though, ready to see where life is going to take me,” Tibbs said.

Help Peak Education provide more students with help in their future.