(SPONSORED) — In 2018 a group of local artists got together to paint big murals, the only thing they wanted in exchange was creative freedom to show the city what giving artists freedom can produce.

Once they started, other businesses started to ask for murals. So they formed a nonprofit and began raising money for more murals and events. To date, 57 murals have gone up along the mile stretch of the knob hill urban arts district.

Executive Director of Knob Hill Urban Arts District Muji joined Loving Living Local host Nova on the show talking about the amazing event that is happening on Saturday, Sept. 16.

“We put together 3-4 events every summer, each one different and unique. recently we sponsored the COS Fashion Week runway show and organized the art and designer market, Our Mural Fundraiser event on Aug. 6 was a smash, and Sept. 16 our big event Back To School Culturefest where we raise money for children’s literacy and gave a school supply backpack drive”

Knob Hill Arts District promotes and supports every form of art in existence, from painting to poetry, tagging, and music. They have raised over $12,000 for local arts groups like Poetry719 and the Black Lives Create Fest.

The next goal is to Paint every wall in Knob Hill and create another unique and beautiful experience for the city of Colorado Springs. For more information about the Knob Hill Arts District and the Give Campaign head to the websites.