(COLORADO SPRINGS) — It is time once again for the GIVE! Campaign and FOX21 News is helping out by highlighting local organizations that need your help.

Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale (CSCC) performs all over the city, the nation, and internationally. CSCC works with kindergarten through 12th grade, the performing division starting in 4th grade requires auditions to get in but younger kids do not require auditions.

“I think for our kids they’ll tell you its a home, a second home, its a safe place to create and to express themselves and then to share that throughout the community and globally as well. That important message of music bringing us together,” said Marisha Hendricks, Executive director of CSCC.

Donations through the Give! Campaign helps CSCC rebuild from COVID-19 and provides tuition assistance to kids, so there are no barriers for a child to participate.

CSCC’s high school ensemble will be performing Wednesday, Dec. 21 at 7 p.m. at First Congregational Church at 20 East Saint Vrain Street for the Summit by Candlelight concert.