Give! 2020: Pikes Peak Children’s Museum


COLORADO SPRINGS — After 15 years as a mobile museum, the Pikes Peak Children’s Museum (PPCM) finally has a location for the organization’s permanent home.

Nohea March, the Board Vice President for the Pikes Peak Children’s Museum, believes there is so much to offer here in Colorado Springs. Still, it lacks something, “Colorado Springs is just growing and continuing to grow, and sometimes I feel like our kids and the youth in the community they kind of get left out.”

Like many other community organizations, the pandemic hasn’t made it easy for PPCM, but it gave them the push they needed.

“I know this going to sound weird in a pandemic, but it gave us that push to go ahead and just open a space,” said Annette Bone, the Board President for Pikes Peak Children’s Museum.

The new building has enough room for eight different spaces.

Bone says, “We want to expand education that the kids are learning in school, so we want to be a resource for teachers.”

While March added, “We want something that’s fun but educational at the same time and gets kids thinking outside of the box and discovering who they are as a person and individual, and I really feel like a children’s museum can do that.”

The new museum building is set to open in the spring of 2021, if everything goes according to plan.

“Honestly, this museum is literally community built, so we just really are depending on our community,” voiced March. “And I know they’ve been waiting for us forever to open a location, so I just hope they are as excited as we are.”

Plus, it’s not just the kids that are excited. Brittany Fechko, a parent who has been going to PPCM events for over a year, says, “I’m in a lot of moms groups, so I’m excited to like be able to come here and have play dates or if it’s too hot outside or too cold outside or you know just need a break from being at home.”

According to the museum, children’s museums rank second only to zoos, among similar attractions that attract diverse audiences and address young children’s developmental needs.

“There is one in Denver, and there is one in Pueblo, and we just feel the Pikes Peak community deserves one as well,” said Bone.

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