COLORADO SPRINGS — Child Community Services (CCS) in Colorado Springs is a nonprofit that focuses on the mental well-being of kids and family structure. 

“We want to reduce the suicide rates and in order to do that we have to provide accessible services,” Founder and Executive Director of Child Community Services Christine Talbott said.  

With the additional stress of a pandemic and a divisive political climate, it’s more important than ever to know where the help that is available. 

“Suicide is the leading cause of death in El Paso County for children ages 12 to 26 years old,” according to Talbott.

Child Community Services focuses on kids between five and 18-years-old, as well as their families. Their mission is to provide accessible and quality services through counseling, case management, treatment, and crisis intervention. With the vision to lower the suicide rates among children and teens in our community.

Marcela Bruce went to CCS for help for her daughter after the virtual care she was receiving, Marcela said wasn’t enough.

“It was online and I didn’t think it, it didn’t help at all because a child doesn’t stay in front of the computer to look and interact you know,” Marcela said.

So while COVID has forced CCS to make some changes they’re doing what they can do in person and it’s making a difference. 

“Yea. Woo woo. I like it here,” said 4-year-old Antonia Magee a Child Community Services client.

Marcela added, “I see that she’s a better at communicating now and she’s more expressing her feeling.”

The support reaches further than you might expect. 

“They help the adults as well some of the adults I mean their parents. If they struggle with something they give them advice and ideas where to go or what to do you know,” Marcela said. 

CCS opened in 2017 and is proud to report zero suicides from their clients, and they said 95% of the children that come to their program do not return to inpatient or residential care, according to Talbott.

“I love to come here. It’s fun and I learn a lot,” expressed Antonia.

CCS is seeking donations but also volunteers to join their board and seek a board Vice President and board members. They also need volunteers to create a fundraising committee.

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