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COLORADO SPRINGS — Ithaka Land has about 130 people in two transitional housing programs.

They have one apartment building, a few multi-family homes, and fifteen single-family homes.

There are no barriers for whom they help; many of the people living there have histories of domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental illness.

All the residents have different stories, but their goal is the same, and that is to find a place they call home.

“I came to Colorado to escape an environment full of domestic violence, drugs, and alcoholism,” said Dina Jones.

“My spouse had to have major surgery,” said Juan Hogue. “The money just kept running out running out.”

“I was living in my car,” said Camille Brown. “It’s nice to have a place to sleep and warm people to help.”

Ithaka Land offers housing options to families and individuals who are struggling, near homelessness, and looking for sobriety.

“It was life-changing because of our situation, I was getting my green card, so I didn’t have a social we didn’t have an income or place to go to, we were down to our last dollar, and we got here, and Ithaka changed everything for us,” Hogue said.

It is not just a temporary shelter, but residents are also offered a chance to move forward, find housing, a job, and taught accountability, even helping further education. Jones is working on finishing her IT certificate.
“So grateful to be able to come home to a safe, healthy, positive environment,” said Jones.

“I hope you don’t have to go through a situation, you don’t have to sleep on the streets Ithaka is here to help,” said Hogue.

They keep the number of people they serve small to allow them one on one counseling and have an application process and waitlist.

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