Give! 2019: Funky Little Theater Company


COLORADO SPRINGS — It is time once again for the Indy Give Campaign and FOX21 is highlighting local organizations that need your help.

This time it’s the Funky Little Theater, a small theater group that is striving to bridge the gap between professional and community theater.

The Funky Little Theater Company recently became a non-profit and survived for 5 years only on ticket sales, according to the Artist Director, Chris Medina. Medina said the Indy Give! Campaign is their first official fundraiser.

They say they are “Theater for everyone” and their main goal is diversity. Aiming to include everyone of all ages, sexual orientations, and abilities.

“It just kind of gets to put a name and a face with a marginalized community,” said Medina. “It’s really cool to get to know people and also challenge people because sometimes people get lumped in a certain way as a performer. Maybe I see them a little differently.”

They believe it also makes them appeal to a diverse audience. The performers think so too.

“It’s just significantly different then most theater companies I’ve ever worked with,” said performer Philip Byford. “[Chris] wants to experience stuff that hasn’t been done and overdone.”

“It’s so edgy and so relevant to things happening in our world today,” said performer Karen Anderson.

The cast thinks of themselves as one big family and are willing to take roles off stage for the good of the group.

“As a whole everyone is so fantastic, that it’s like this is my family, I want to be with them, whether I am on stage or not, I want to be a part of something to bring the magic alive,” said Byford.

“Just come, I think if you come to one, you get kind of hooked,” said Anderson. “Because you wonder, what are they going to do next?”

They will use the money for tools to build sets, new seating, a new lighting grid, and more.

Their next show debuts Dec. 6 – Dec. 21 it’s called “A Doublewide, Texas Christmas.”

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