Give! 2017: Pikes Peak Philharmonic


The Pikes Peak Philharmonic is a community orchestra whose love of music transcends all generations. 

Dating back to 1965, the Philharmonic is made up of people just like you–maybe a neighbor or coworker whose love for music can be heard throughout Colorado Springs. 

The Indy Give! campaign is a way for the organization to maintain affordable costs for members and audiences, as well as help pay equipment and venue expenses.

“We have been around 50 years, which is pretty unusual for any organization in this country to live that long as a nonprofit,” board of directors president Tom Fleecs said. “We are a stable organization. We have consistently done good music and been able to reach out to all kinds of people that want to be a part of something like this.” 

It’s a happy place for musicians of all skill levels to come together, grow together, and play together. They meet once a week at First United Methodist Church on North Nevada Avenue for rehearsal. 

“Engineers, and we’ve got doctors, and we’ve got physicians’ assistants, and they all come here for the love of music,” music director/conductor Luciana Silvestri said. “A lot of folks, at this time of year, especially musicians, they like to feed their families by playing all these gigs. The beautiful thing is our folks show up on a Tuesday night, and they’re here to feed their soul.”

If you want to see the orchestra in action, they’ll be playing their holiday concert Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Palmer High School auditorium. If you’d like to be part of the Philharmonic, auditions will be held in the new year. 

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