(MONUMENT, Colo.) — The Mayor of Palmer Lake Glant Havenar joined FOX21 Morning News on Friday, March 24 as the FOX21 ‘We Are Tri-Lakes’ campaign came to a close.

“Everything about Palmer Lake is special, we are a close-knit community… the kids love each other, the families love each other, everything is about family and community, being outdoors, hiking, biking, and enjoying our restaurants,” said Mayor Havenar.

Mayor Havenar said Palmer Lake is growing quickly. “We are projected by 2045 to be up about 30% and the whole Tri-Lakes area is expanding and with that, is growth and infrastructure and new things coming.”

Palmer Lake prides itself on tradition and Mayor Havenar said the Palmer Lake Star is one of the small town’s favorite features.

“I can go out onto my deck and I can see the star lit at night… it brings me home, it’s peaceful, as you’re driving into Palmer Lake and the star is lit, you just know that you’re home,” said Mayor Havenar.

Mayor Havenar is new to her position, but prior to becoming mayor, she served on the town council for eight years. “…I am learning and growing, but I feel that I have a strong community to help me… and together we can move mountains.”