(MONUMENT, Colo.) — The Mayor of Monument joined FOX21 Morning News on Friday, March 24 to highlight the town during our ‘We Are Tri-Lakes’ campaign.

Mayor Mitch Lakind said the quality of life is just one reason he loves living in the town.

“The people in the community come together when needed,” stated Mayor Lakind. “There is all sorts of outdoor events that the town and the local nonprofits put together.”

Mayor Lakind said one of the town’s most popular events is the Fourth of July parade, which brings in over 10,000 people. The local businesses, many of which are mom-and-pop shops, also benefit from these large community events, according to the Mayor.

“They’re not big chains and they all contribute to the entire atmosphere of why Monument is so great,” said Mayor Lakind.

Monument gives a small-town feel without the “hustle and bustle,” of the city, stated the Mayor. However, it still has the convenience of being close to bigger cities like Colorado Springs and Denver. Described as a “commuter kind of town,” Monument is near two major airports making travel that much easier, according to Mayor Lakind.

New to Monument is the town council that replaced the board of trustees. Mayor Lakind said an overwhelming vote to become home rule was why officials decided to convert to a town council. Under this new government system, there are seven officials with a town manager who acts as the “CEO of the town, and he runs the ship,” said Mayor Lakind.

Over the past years, the town has experienced a lot of growth and development, along with new businesses settling in Monument, according to Mayor Lakind. Now, Monument has become “a sort of [commercial] hub,” for the Tri-Lakes area.